_The Third Guy, GHOST TRACK, a collaboration with the cinema team directed by Petronella van der Hallen.

_DRUMS perspectives 2021, drums/effect pedals (thanks to Primoz Sukic). Blending electronic and acoustic playing in a corporal entity.

_HERSENSPINSEL, project with Lore Stessel_image, Veerle Van Rossom_textile, Eva Honings & Jeanne Colin_dance, Ruben Orio_music

_François Sarhan _Situation 15 #Freiheit und Macht, together with Simon Florin Édouard Poliquin

_The Third Guy & Quentin Meurisse, Paul McCartney won’t take our money, ICTUS invites n.1

_ETUDE No.2 for Snare Drum “Unknown melody”. Texture studios series.

_SHRIMP & KARAOKE “Why is Free Improv Boring No.2” The Thrid Guy

_EMPTY CHAIRS, Cathy van Eck, FRAMES percussion


_ETUDE No.1 for Snare Drum “E-19, árboles en la mediana”. First TEXTURE snare drum etude.

 _le corps a corps, by George Aperghis, 1978. Belgium 2019

_VETA, collaboration project with the painter/photograph Lore Stessel

_Kilgore by Marko Ciciliani. TheThirdGuy at iMAL-QO-2 Brussel

_XY by Michael Gordon

_Silbando Gomera. Proyecto artístico en el Centro Coreografico la Gomera. (Naima Mazic-Margaux Marielle-Lola Drubigny)

_EGURRA. Installation-Concert with music by Michael Gordon. D’APOSTROF, Deinze.

practicing?¿performing, practice and performing on the piece by R. Cendo, Faction (2011). Primož Sukič: Electric guitar, Gwenaelle Rouger: Piano, Ruben Orio: Percussion. ICTUS Studios

In Spring, creating the sound track of Kaufman’s film (1929) Guitar · Primož Sukič. Percussion · Rubén Orio. Artistic director · Lur Olaizola. ICTUS Studios

Mani.Mono, video by Lur Olaizola, music by P. Billone. MACBA, Barcelona

XNKS, performance by Gilhem, Sami and Ruben. Music by Iannis Xenakis. PARTS, Brussels

Aphasia, Mark Applebaum. Auditori, Barcelona

Entre Funérailles II, Mark Applebaum. ROSAS. Brussels

Acusmacia, Felix Pastor (Ferran Carceller, Ruben Orio percusió) ESMUC, Barcelona

Tactus, Polo Vallejo. MACBA, Barcelona