Upcoming events_


January 13th, TheThirdGuy + Stijn Demeulenaere, Zavod Sploh, Cirkulazija2, Ljubljana

January 21st, ICTUS Sound & Body, BOZAR, Brussels

February/March, TheThirdGuy + Stijn Demeulenaere, Everybody Lives Here, RESIDENCIES: 6th-8th C-Tack, 20th-24th Pianofabriek, 27th-3rd Grote Post.

March 4th, TheThirdGuy + Stijn Demeulenaere, PREMIÈRE, Everybody Lives Here, Night Air, Kortrijk,

March 10th, Conservatoire Royal de Liège & Conservatorio Superio de Cordoba, ERASMUS project. Cordoba

March 13th, TheThirdGuy + Stijn Demeulenaere, Everybody lives here, SMOG, Brussels

March 18th-19th, ROSAS-ICTUS, Drumming, Nantes

March 31th, Conservatoire Royal de Liège & Conservatorio Superio de Cordoba, ERASMUS project. Liège

April 13th-15th, FRAMES percussion, [Out] of the CAGE, Auditorium Noveau Siècle, Lille

June 4th, ICTUS Holding Present PREMIÈRE, Concertgebouw Brugge

June 11th, FRAMES percussion, Bach-Lang, Festival Espurnes Barroques

June 16th-18th, ICTUS Holding Present, Manifeste Festival IRCAM, Paris

Jully 4th, FRAMES percussion, OccupyYourSelf, Alberto Bernal, MADE IN ESMAE, Porto


Past event_


December 15th, FRAMES percussion, Samplers Series, Auditori, Barcelona

November 30th-December 4th, FRAMES percussion, [Out] of the CAGE, Auditori, Barcelona

November 18th, 19th, Brussels Philarmonic-Ars Musica, Metropolis, Martin Matalon, Brussels, Brugge

October 27th, FRAMES percussion, Mikrophonie, Monotom, Murcia

October 22nd, FRAMES percussion, Staring at the bin, Meriel Price, Amposta

October 12th-13th-15th-16th, CASCADE, Meg Stuart, Centre Pompidou, Paris,

October 1st, ICTUS, Proverb, Musica festival, Nancy, 

September 24th, FRAMES percussion, Contexto, CNDM Museo Vostell – Malpartida, Cáceres

September 21th, TheThirdGuy, BOLSTER, Ghent

September 13th, 14th, ROSAS-ICTUS, Drumming, Romaeuropa Festival, Roma

September 9th, FRAMES percussion, Drumming, Steve Reich, Sala Hiroshima, Barcelona

July 19th, CASCADE, Meg Stuart, Bolzano,

July 16th, 17th, Desert, FRAMES percussion/Albert Quesada

June 18th, ICTUS, A walk into the future, Flagey, Brussels

June 8th, CASCADE, Meg Stuart, Latitudes Contemporaines, Lille

May 1st-6th, Eersteklasconcerten performance, DRH Collective, DeSingel, Antwerpen

April 28th, 29th, CASCADE, Meg Stuart, Festival Dias da Dança Porto

April 20th, Resonance, Germaine Kruip, EUROPALIA festival, Antwerp,

March 26th, TheThirdGuy, On resonance, Eric Thielemans + TTG , WerkplaatsWalter, Brussels

March 20th, CASCADE, Meg Stuart, Tanzplattform, Berlin

March 7th-10th, Eersteklasconcerten performance, DRH Collective, Concertgebouw Brugge

February 26th, CASCADE, Meg Stuart, HAU, Berlin

February 20th, Resonance, Germaine Kruip, EUROPALIA festival, Antwerp,

February 17th, 18th, ICTUS, The Sonic Assintance Agency, BOZAR, Brussels

February 11th, The so-called laws of Nature by David Lang, FRAMES percussion, Granollers

February 5th, 6th. Objets perdus de monsieur Trouvé, Julia Emmery, Tom De Cock, Ruben Orio. SLOW festival Concertgebouw Brugge,

January 20th, 21st, 22nd, CASCADE, Meg Stuart. Toulouse, Theatre Garonne


December 20th, Resonance, Germaine Kruip, EUROPALIA festival, Antwerp,

December 16th-19th, Drumming, ROSAS-ICTUS, Kaai Theater, Brussels

December 10th-13th, Drumming, ROSAS-ICTUS, La Villette, Paris

December 5th, CASCADE, Meg Stuart, Concertgebouw Brugge,

November 17th-21th, FRAMES percussion, Out of the [CAGE], l’Auditori, Barcelona

November 13th, ICTUS-Brussels Philarmonic, Steve Reich PROVERBS, Brussels Concertgebouw, Brugge,

November 12th-12th, Drumming, ROSAS-ICTUS, Concertgebouw, Brugge,

November 3rd-4th, Joan Català, El vol de l’enclusa, Theather op de Markt, Neerpelt

October 20th, Resonance, Germaine Kruip, EUROPALIA festival, Antwerp,

Octubre 19th-December 5th, FRAMES percussion, Staring at the bin. Meriel Price. Arts Santa Mònica

October 9th, Brussels Philarmonic, BIRDS: OISEAUX EXOTIQUES, Flagey, Brussels

October 2nd, FRAMES percussion, David Land, Festival Riverrun, Albi,

September 19th, FRAMES percussion/Alberto Bernal  ‘Occupy yourself’ Festival ENSEMS, Alicante

September 28th, The Waves, Noé Soulier-ICTUS ensemble, Bordeaux

September 17th, FRAMES percussion/Alberto Bernal  ‘Occupy yourself’ Festival ENSEMS, Valencia

June 30th, The Waves, Noé Soulier-ICTUS ensemble,

June 23rd, Ensemble SPECTRA, Reich-Goeyvaerts

June 17th, FRAMES percussion, Mikrophonie I, Stockhausen, VANG festival, Madrid,

June 10th-11th ICTUS ensemble, Opera Lille, Parcour Musicaux, SONIC AGENCY,

May 8th, Witte Wijn interdisciplinary performance. Lore Stessel_image, Jeanne Colin & Eva Honings_dance, Veerle van Rossom_fabrics, Ruben Orio_music, Gent

April 16th, FRAMES percussion, monographic Stockhausen, l’Auditori, Barcelona,

April 10th, Retrouvailles, percussion quartet with pieces by Filidei, Reich, Aperghis, Novel Sámano and Cage, Ayuntamiento de Logroño, Logroño

March 15th, ICTUS-Brussels Philarmonic, Steve Reich PROVERBS, Brussels

February 16th TheThirdGuy at Radio PANIK, Brussels

February 3rd-6th FRAMES percussion, Out of the [CAGE], l’Auditori, Barcelona

January 23rd Festival Taller Sonoro. Rioja Filarmonía, RITUAL, Sevilla


November 27th/29th, Drumming, ROSAS-ICTUS, Festival d’Automne, Paris

November 23th/25th JUKEBOX show, DRH in LOD muziektheater, Gent

November 16th Zaragoza, 20th Logroño, 21th Sevilla, Festival de ensembles, Rioja Filarmonía, RITUAL

November 9th/11th, Drumming, ROSAS-ICTUS, BOZAR, Brussels

October 30th, sound installation Germaine Kruip, CASAR HMT Gallery, Dusseldorf

October 20th, The Waves, choreographer Noé Soulier, Biennale de Venezia, Venice

October 11th, Stretch, choreographer Isabella Soupart, festival d´Artonov, Brussels

October 10th, TheThirdGuy at ICTUS invites#… new series of concerts, Wild Galery, Bruxelles,

September 28th/3th October, JONDE, encuentro percusión/metales, director asistente, Madrid

September 7th/11th, TheThirdGuy, COHORT residency Blink of an ear, Walter, Brussels

April 17th-19th 5100m/s JOAN català FRAMES percussion. Mercat de les Flors, Barcelona

April 2nd-4th ROSAS/RAIN/ICTUS, Berlin,

May 15th-20th ROSAS/RAIN/ICTUS, De Munt, Brussels

March 13th ICTUS, Only one Chance, percussion quartet. De Warande (Drumming Festival), Turnhout

March 4th-7th FRAMES percussion, Out of the [CAGE], l’Auditori, Barcelona

February 6th, The Third Guy LP release concerts. Fly Studios 20.30h Brussels.

February 7th, The Third Guy LP release concerts. Flugzeug 20h Leuven

January 23rd. Reception. Jeanne Colin and Killian Madeleine: dancers, Ruben Orio: music

January 9th, BCN216 & Ernest Martínez-Izquierdo, Tribute to Joan Guinjoan,


December 15th, babelut-IGLO, musica, CC Neumünster (Luxembourg)

December 21st, FRAMES PERCUSSION: CONCEPTE, Amposta, Centre d’Art Lo Pati

November 30th, TheThirdGuy release concert: Shrimps and Karaoke. MIGRO records. Lo and Behold – LONDON

November 29th FRAMES PERCUSSION: CONCEPTE, Barcelona, Arts Santa Mònica

November 23rd-24th, babelut-IGLO, musica, Provinciaal Domein Dommelhof (Pelt)

October 13th-14th FRAMES PERCUSSION in Trio Fundación March, Madrid

October 4th QUIXTET, Stefaan Quix. The Well Tempered Circle, Gent S.M.A.K.

September 28th Dodeka, composition by Stephan Orlando

September 27th TheThirdGuy with David Helbich. SMOG, CHEZ WALTER, Brussels

September 26th GAME/ICTUS, percussion pieces. Bijloke, Gent

August 24th TheThirdGuy at Snoek

August 23rd Anemoi – klankinterventie, HANS ROELS, Gent

June 2nd concert The Third Guy + Juan Jose Faccio in Bern at ONO

June 1st concert The Third Guy + Juan Jose Faccio in Zürich at la capsula

May 27th-28th-29th Workshop by The Third Guy in Ko-Operator, Luzern

May 10th-17th-25th STRETCH, a dance performance by Isabella Soupart, at MAD Museum, Brussels

May 10th VETA, exhibition/performance Lore Stessel at STUK, Leuven

May 8th TheThirdGuy at le lac BRUXELLES with Frederik Sakham 


December 17th New Socks festival, Hans Roels. Antwerp, deSingel

December 7th-8th-9th. ROSAS-ICTUS RAIN, Opera de Paris

November 25th-26th-30th- 2nd December. Rioja Filarmonia FESTIVAL DE ENSEMBLES: Zaragoza Logroño-Palma de Mallorca-Sevilla

November 23rd Ars Musica, Baudouin de Jaer, Brussels

November 7th-18th TheThirdGuy TOUR United States

October 30th TheThirdGuy in Berlin. Unerhörte Musik. With Dré Hočevar.

October 27th FRAMES percussion David Lang. Lleida, La Panera.

October 20th The Quixtet OORtreders Neerpel, The Well Tempered Circle.

October 12th-13th ASO AntwepSymphonyOrchestra. Britten War Requiem. Antwerpen-Gent.

September 23rd FRAMES percussion DUO (Miquel Vich-Ruben Orio) Museo de Altamira, Spain

September 16th Neerpel, Belgium. Volker Staub Landbouwfietsroute.

September 7th-8th 5102m/s  Joan Català-FRAMES PERCUSSION

June 23rd, Abbatia viva. Mahler 1st symphony. Liège. Jaume Santonja conductor.

June 1st-2nd-3rd. TheThirdGuy in Piran. Slovenia

May 30th Brussel Philarmonic, BOZAR. Music by LBerstein

May 12th Take Out – Obrecht, Brugge. Music by F. Neyrinck

April 28th Stefaam Quix & Het Quixtet, Festival van Vaanderen Kortrijk 2018

April 27th MIXTUR festival, Barcelona. FRAMES PERCUSSION.

April 18th VETA in Cas-Co, Leuven project with Lore Stessel

April 4th. (IM)perceptions. Festival DeToursDeBabel, Grenoble,

March 28th VETA in STUK, project with Lore Stessel

March 6th TheThird Guy, CUBE series, EM/University for Music and Performing Arts Graz, Graz

March 3rd TheThird Guy, with Matej Bonin, (electronics) Cankarjev Dom in Ljubljana, Ljubljana.

February 27th The Third Guy in WIEN, Porgy Bess,

February 23rd-24th. abierta. Dance-music-video performance around SILBO. Museo de la Universidad de Navarra

Januaruy 19th, TheThirdGuy in QO-2, World premieres by Marko Ciciliani and Caroline Profanter

January 13rd, Alvin Lucier, FRAMES Percussion-Funktion. Fundació Tàpies-Samplers Sèries.

December 22nd Brussels Philharmonic, La création du monde-Les Biches. Flagey, Brussels.

December 9th deFilharmonie. Antwerpen, Queen Elisabethzaal. Tchaikovsky-Korgnol-Elgar


December 8th TheThirdGuy in Miry concertzaal. World premieres by Hans Roels, Matej Bonin, Michael Mierhof.

November 25th Valencia, 28th Sevilla, 29th Zaragoza. Gira festivales música contemporánea. Rioja Filarmonía. Piano-Percussion///John Cage-David Lang

October 30th 4th Symphony Mahler (chamber), OCAZEnigma, Madrid, Reina Sofia.

October 13rd-14th deFilharmonie Antwerpen, Ravel, Prokovief. Gent, Antwerpen

September 25th ICTUS, George Crumb Brigittines

August 16th-September 3rd OSTRAVA New Musical Festival. Czeck Republic.

July 287th TheThirdGuy in Logroño. BiriBay Jazz Club.

July 19th-22nd TheThirdGuy workshop in SIRGA festival, Flix, Tarragona.

July 14th-15th-16th C by Simon Loeffler, Ars Santa Monica, Barcelona

July 6th WeAreDRONE, Barcelona, Fabra i Coats, CrossingLines-FRAMES percussion.

June 29th, 1984 IT’S O.K by Jennifer Walshe. Miry hall, GENT. Cello-guitar-percussion.

June 3rd WeAreDRONE, Amposta, CrossingLines-FRAMES percussion

Mai 18th-19th-20th-21st deFilharmonie. Beethoven Berlioz. Hasselt-Antwerpen-Gent-Brussel

Mai 12th Miniatures, Kimbala. Mislata Valencia. Family concert

Mai 5th Le Noir de l’Etoile by Gérard Grisey.FRAMES PERCUSSION. Arts Santa Mònica Barcelona

April 19th Festival Ensems Valencia. FRAMES PERCUSSION. Pieces by T. Perich & D. Lang

April 3rd-15th RESIDENCY Centre Coreográfico la Gomera, Islas Canarias

March 24th-25th-26th 5100m/s Joan Català & FRAMES PERCUSSION. Auditori, Barcelona.

March 16th Mars Festival _EGURRA. Bijloke, Gent

February 8th- 26th La Fura Dels Baus. Carmina Burana Madrid, teatro Alcalá – Alicante, ADDA

February 3rd-4th-5th deFilharmonie. Ivan de verschrikkelijke by Prokofjev. Antwerpen-Brugge-Brussel.

January 11th-27th “The third guy” RESIDENCY in QO-2 with the concert-presentation of our new duo with Primoz Sukic.


December 14th-February 14th Sala Amós Salvador. Logroño:  _EGURRA-MuseuM-Aphasia

November 25th-27th deFilharmonie. Antwerpen-Utrecht. Strauss-Dvorák

November 18th. II festival m. contemporánea de la Rioja. Logroño. Rioja Filarmonia Pieces by Michael Pisaro

November 17th. Auditorio de Zaragoza. Rioja Filarmonia. Pieces by Michael Pisaro

November 14th. Festival Bernaola, Vitoria. Rioja Filarmonia. Pieces by Michael Pisaro

November 12th. deFilharmonie. Antwerpen, deSingel. Debussy-Falla-Ravel

October 27th. Hans Roels, action in the Antwerpen conservatory library, deSingel

October 15th-16th deFilharmonie. Rotterdam-Antwerpen. Kodàly-Ravel-Rachmaninov with Jaime Martin

October 4th-7th. RAIN. Rosas-ICTUS. Cirque Royal. Brussels

September 30th. Exhibition IRJ “Hands”. Logroño Spain

August 27th. Hans Roels City concerts. Gent

July 22th-23th-24th July. CrossingLines-FRAMES: WE ARE drONE. Barcelona-Lleida

July 3rd-4th. SOTON. UK. Premier by SOTON composers. Piano-electric guitar-percussion

June 11th EGURRA. Final ManaMa exam. D’Apostrof. Deizen.

June 1st, “Splitting Maierhof”. Slovenia. Ljubljana. Cello-guitar-perc-dance performance.

May 14th. Aarhus Festival SPOR. Denmark. MANAMA premiers.

May 12th. Champ d’action, Antwerpen. Pieces for cello-electric guitar-percussion.

May 4th. George Crumb. A journey belong time. ICTUS, Mechelen.

April 16th. FLANDERS festival. Kortrijk. SIMON Loeffler, “C”. Three glockenspiels being heard through the teeth.

March 18th-19th. deFilharmonie. Antwerpen. deSingel, Pettersson-Sibelius

March 3rd. MARS Festival. Bejloke, Gent. Pieces for cello-piano-flute-vibraphone.

February 28th. TIMBER, Michael Gordon. FRAMES Percussion. Tecla Sala, Hospitalet de Llobregat.

February 20th. “Splitting Maierhof”. Bruxelles, SMOG. Cello-guitar-perc-dance performance.

February 3rd. FRAMES Percussion. Sant Boi de Llobregat. David Lang, “the so-called laws of nature”

January 24th. Miniatures KIMBALA. Barcelona, CaixaForum.

January 11th-12th. deFilharmonie. Antwerpen. deSingel Prokofiev-Ravel


November 19th, Festival música contemporanea Zaragoza, “Les guetteurs” Trio percussion RIOJA FILARMONIA. Music by Aperghis, Maierhof, Mantovani and Pateras.

November 17th-21th, FRAMES Percussion, concerts in Tarragona and Moia. The so-call laws of nature by David Lang.

November 14th, I Festival música contemporánea de Logroño, “Les guetteurs”. Trio percussion RIOJA FILARMONIA. Music by Aperghis, Maierhof, Mantovani and Pateras.

October 8th, The singel, Antwerpen. IN NOMINE LUCIS, Spectra Ensemble. Works by Giacinto Scelsi (1905-1988)

October 6th-7th, The palm of your hand, dance premiere of the choreographer Vera Tussing with music coming from my Frame Drum. STUK, Leuven.

9th Jully, SIRGA Festival. FLIX, Catalunya. In Spring, creating the sound track of Kaufman’s film (1929) Guitar · Primož Sukič. Percussion · Rubén Orio. Artistic director · Lur Olaizola

15th June. TRIO Piano (Gwen Rouger) guitar (Primoz Sukic) percussion (Ruben Orio). 17h at ICTUS studios. Works by Cendo, Steen Andersen, Globokar, Luis de Pablo, Ablinger.

29th May. TIMBER, ICTUS. Gent.

3rd May. FACTORY! ICTUS, Kortrijk Festival. Ballet Mécanique.

22th April. BESTIAL-ManaMa. Trio jazz meets Trio contemporary music.

24th March. ICTUS-SPECTRA-ManaMa. Shelter by David Lang-Michael Gordon-Julia Wolf. Bijloke, Gent

2nd March. ICTUS, Liquid Room VI: Berlin

3th March. ICTUS: Weird Instruments. Kaaitheatre, Bruxelles.

28th February. Portrait of Applebaum. Ruben Martinez Orio-Adam Rosenblatt. QO-2 Bruxelles

21th February. Enseble21. Martin Matalon “Les sept vies d’un chat”. Espace Senghor.

11th January. FRAMES PERCUSSION. David Lang-Tristan Perich. Tecla Sala Hospitalet de Llobregat.


14th Decembre, Benicasim, KIMBALA, Miniatures.

21th October-7th November, Paris, Opéra National de Paris. RAIN-ANNE TERESA DE KEERSMAEKER. ICTUS-ROSES. Steve Reich. Music for 18th musicians.

5th October, Venecia, La Biennale de Venezia. GEO: Galata Electroacustic Orchestra.

10th July, Barcelona, MNAC, final master concert. Voz y Gesto.

19th June, Barcelona, Fundació TÀPIES, Frames percussion quartet. works by D. Lang and L. Adams

25th April, MIXTUR “entre l’acustic i l’electrònic” works by H. W. Henze and Felix Pastor

27-28-29th March, ICTUS-ROSAS, Mercat de les flors. Drumming

13th January. JONDE, Madrid. Auditorio Nacional